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Bridging generations

I love cameras. The camera that started my ascent into photography was an old early 80s-era Olympus OM-10 camera which used 35mm film. There was something magical about taking pictures and then patiently waiting to see the finished results. I've had many adventures and travels carrying that camera and a textbook sized book of negatives resulting from those shoots. I also have a vintage Kodak Brownie camera that was gifted which has become part of the collection.

Recently I was given an older Argus camera that belonged to my grandpa who died far too young in 1957. I'm so honored to keep such a treasure in our home and as I look through the viewfinder of it I often wonder what memories he saw through it. What images of our family did he see that I can only imagine?

When my son someday unboxes old treasures and comes across my old camera I wonder if he'll be asking the same question.

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