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Let me introduce myself, I'm Jason Madrid. I'm a proud dad of two boys, a husband, a part-time philosopher, a Trekkie, and a photographer.  I am FAA sUAS Part 107 Certified as well as a Zillow Certified Photographer.  After being behind the lens part-time for 15 years I decided to turn this into a full-time pursuit and provide services to help you market properties in front of potential buyers.  Having photographed thousands of homes let our experience take care of crafting eye-catching images so you can focus on your business and have one less worry. Heavily passionate about photography I want to bring out the beauty and visual details important to you.

"Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do with all of your might."

 - Ecclesiastes 9:10


Three seconds is all it takes to capture the interest of a potential buyer. An excellent first impression is important to get buyers to your property and in the door. Using a professional photographer makes all the difference in the world to make your property stand out. My mission is simple: to work with you to get potential buyers to your property as quickly as possible. You will get professionally taken and enhanced images that will show off every aspect of your property and bring you more potential buyers. Make your listings stand out from the crowd with stunning imagery.

Time is precious and, let's face it, for those involved in real estate, we know your focus would rather be on marketing and selling a home without the burden of taking all of the pictures as well. Most buyers agree that the photographs are the first thing they look at online when viewing a prospective house. You want to make sure that the photographs dazzle. Let me take care of the photography while capturing the best images and views of the property because you won't get a second chance to make a first impression.

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