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Robert & Sharon's Engagement Session

It's been quite a year of firsts. My son celebrated his first birthday, I registered a photography business for the first time and recently, I had the chance for another first. Up until this year my focus has been mainly scenic and landscape photography, architecture like the city skylines and such. I've always been asked to take photographs of people and for years I've always avoided such a prospect. That is until recently when I sought out the chance to take photographs of not only my young son but of families and couples to capture milestones they could remember forever.

This is Robert and Sharon. Sharon and Robert met, fell in love, and the rest is... well, let's just say I have the honor of their wedding being my very first to photograph as well. We had fun shooting these on the grounds of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Robert had recently proposed to Sharon.

It's always fun watching young love isn't it?

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